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The Woodlanders 1998
Pathe (UK)
Miramax (US)

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Driver:  Whoa!  You could see us coming, what do you think these lamps are for??
Giles:  You could hear us sooner!  What do you think these BELLS are for??
Driver:  Darn you Giles, don't you know who we are?
Giles:  Don't make no difference WHO you are.  I've five ton of oak on this tug and they only go forward.  You back up and make way.
There's a sidin' right behind you!
Driver: You're only goin' to some little village. My passenger is going all the way to Italy!
Giles:  In THAT? I've five ton of oak and I cannot make way.   I've the right of the road and if I must I shall stand here all day!

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Giles:  Gracie, we said, we always said didn't we, when you were twenty and I was twenty-five, if we still liked each other ---
Grace: Child's talk, Giles
Giles:  What??
Grace: We were children then.

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Grace: Giles, did you see my husband on the road?
Giles:  No M'am - I come the Oakford way - your husband must a took the Middleton road.
Grace: Those are your bitter sweets?
Giles:  Aren't they all just apples to you?
Grace: Giles....Mr. Winterbourne...remind me
Giles:  Bittersweets.............Mrs. Fitzpiers, I'll see you safely 'ome.
Grace: Better not
Giles:  Tis better not.

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Giles:  Gracie -
Grace: What?
Giles:  I'm afraid.  What if something were to happen to one of us before the signin' and the swearin' are done..and it's too late ...
too late for me to tell you what's in my heart.  I could lie dyin'...and still never have even touched you with my love.  Oh, Gracie...

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Grace: Giles, what you said in the Abbey.  It's not that I don't want ....



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