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Victory 1995
UK video release 1999
Telescope Pictures
Miramax (US)

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Martin:  You see -- the fing is --   the Guv'nor fungs facin' women.                                                                     
Schomberg: Women?
Martin:  The noise, me friend.  Confounded screechin'!  Don't like it meself, but wi' the Guv'nor it's somefin' else.  He--uh--he don't like 'em at all.

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Mr. Jones:  Enough ferocity, Martin.  Enough ferocity.  And don't forget to have the cloth washed, will you Martin?
Martin: Yes sir.                                   

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Martin:  Pick a card!  It's the king of hearts, in't it?  I can make you pick any card I like, nine times out-a ten.

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Martin:  How about a drink, Mr Shomberg? One a them nice French syrups a yours - Like they 'ave in Saigon?

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Martin:  You'll be my treasure -- my trump!  You will won't you?  Be my trump?
They make a convenience of people like us -- But we'll show them!
Listen --- when we're travelin' around the world togevah -- you'll always call me 'usband --
I won't hide you away like 'e does - You'll be my pride, my chum! 


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