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Tristan and Isolde

-John William Waterhouse

Tristan & Isolde


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 (Scott Free/Apollo Media)
Director: Kevin Reynolds
Screenplay by: Dean Georgaris, Peter Morgan, Dominic Morgan and Matthew Harvey
Executive Producers: Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Jim Lemley, Frank Hubner, John Hardy, and Matthew Stillman
Cast: James Franco, Sophia Myles, Rufus Sewell
This longtime dream project of producers Tony Scott and Ridley Scott explores the medieval legend of a princess and warrior's love affair, which threatens to tear apart an uneasy peace between England and Ireland. A tale of epic battles, royal intrigue and a timeless, star-crossed passion

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Tristan & Isolde (romantic drama)
Scot Free Prods/Francise Picture, 634 N. Lapeer Dr., LA 90059  310-360-2250
Shooting in Ireland, Prague
Start September 1 2003
Cast:  James Franco, Sophia Myles, Rufus Sewell, David O'Hara, Mark Strong, Bonagh Gallagher, Dexter Fletcher
ExPrd., Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Jim Lernley, Frank Hubner; Prd., Lisa Elzey, Giannina Facio, Moshe Diamant, Elie Samaha;  Kevin Reynolds directing.

The Hollywood Reporter
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Irish Film and Television Network

'Tristan and Isolde' Starts Principal Photography

'Tristan and Isolde' has commenced principal photography in Galway. Directed by Kevin Reynolds (The Count of Monte Cristo, Waterworld), the film is produced by Octagon, the production company of World 2000 and Metropolitan Films. Shooting in Galway for four weeks, production then moves to Prague. Actors include Sophia Myles (Isolde), James Franco (Tristan), Dexter Fletcher, Bronagh Gallagher (soon to be seen in Spin the Bottle) and Rufus Sewell. Octagon is also gearing up for Damien O'Donnell's first Irish feature, 'Inside I'm Dancing', which starts shooting in early October.

Summer Production Update

Production Update: Feature films currently shooting around Ireland are: 'King Arthur', the Disney/Bruckheimer co-production, with Irish producer Morgan O'Sullivan and Line Producer Ned Dowd, is shooting in Wicklow; 'Laws of Attraction' has just finished shooting, and is being edited by Tony Lawson in London; 'Are You Looking At Me' is being produced by Besom Productions and directed by Besom's Margo Harkin and is due to finishe shooting next week (end August). 'Starfish' is an ultra low budget shoot, produced by Stephen Kane, currently shooting with a shooting schedule of 6 weeks. 'Bite' is another low budget shoot, directed by Fintan Connolly and produced by Fubar Productions.

Feature films in pre-production, and schedule for a principal photography start of next week are 'Man About Dog', produced by Treasure Films and directed by Paddy Breathnach; 'Blackwater Lightship' is produced by Likeshore Productions, World 2000's Morgan O'Sullivan for Hallmark, and stars Angela Lansbury, whose most recent work in Ireland was The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax'; 'Inside I'm Dancing', Damien O'Donnell's first feature in Ireland, produced by James Flynn at Octagon Films, is scheduled for an early October start; another Octagon Films feature, Tristan & Isolde, to be directed by Kevin Reynolds, and produced by Catherine Tiernan.

TV Series currently in production are: 'The Big Bow Wow', which started filming on Monday, is shooting for 11 weeks, directors include Dearbhla Walsh and Liz Gill. The series for RTE is produced by Praxis Pictures; 'The Clinic' produced by Parallel Films, is half way through production, and stars Lorraine Pilkington and David Wilmot. A number of episodes are directed by actor Liam Cunningham. 'Bachelors Walk' started it's third series this month, with a TV date of mid November. This year the series is being shot on Digi Beta (the first two series were shot on Mini DV). Subotica's 'Expensive Silence' is also half way through production, and due to finish shooting early September.


'Film In Focus' in Galway

Film In Focus, the latest in IBEC and Enterprise Ireland's Content Forum Series, will be held in Galway during the Film Fleadh on Friday 11 in the Radisson SAS Hotel.

The first session, chaired by John Cummins, MD of Agtel and Chair of the Audiovisual Federation, focuses on directions for finance and growth, Section 481 and film infrastructure, Speakers include: Minister for Arts John O'Donoghue TD, Arthur Lappin (Producer Hell's Kitchen, currently producing Laws of Attraction), James Flynn (Producer Octagon Films, currently producing Tristan and Isolde), Ossie Kilkenny, Chairman of the Irish Film Board, and Kevin Moriarty, MD of Ardmore Studios.

The second session is chaired by Michael Cantwell, Manager of the Digital Media Department of Enterprise Ireland. Topics include film in the digital age, the development of and indigenous and regional film sector, and opportunities in feature film, tv drama, animation and post production facilities. Speakers include Rod Stoneman, CEO of the Irish Film Board, Ralph Christians, Chairman of Magma, James Morris, CEO of Windmill Lane, Ruan O'Bric, CEO of Udraas and Bobby O'Reilly, CEO of the Farm Media Group.

The seminar is at the Radisson SAS Hotel, Loughatalia Road in Galway, from 10am - 1.30pm. The delegate fee is €25 - you can book online at www.ibec.ie/events

Morgan O'Sullivan's and James Flynn's start-up production company Octagon Films will co-produce a version of Tristan And Isolde with Ridley Scott’s Scott Free, to be directed by Kevin Reynolds - while at the same time Intermedia and Metropolitan Filmexport have teamed to finance and sell their own Tristan & Iseult, to which Rupert Wainwright (Stigmata) is attached to direct.

Octagon Films, one of the Film Board's CDI companies (Company Development Initiative with Anglo Irish Bank), has been set up by leading Irish producers Morgan O’ Sullivan of World 2000 and James Flynn of Metropolitan Films, and veteran German producer Willi Baer and his partner Winfried Hamacher of Essen-based W2.

That the two similar-sounding projects each also include the involvement of a Metropolitan-titled company, does little to ease potential confusion between them.

Ireland-based Metropolitan Films' James Flynn and partner Juanita Wilson were, among other things, financial consultants on Neil Jordan’s The Good Thief and Jackie Chan’s Highbinders.

Meanwhile, French independent, Metropolitan Filmexport's Samuel and Victor Hadida were the producers behind Davis Film's hit French title The Brotherhood Of The Wolf (Le Pacte Des Loups) (Screendaily 19 May).

The quartet behind Octagon, whose new company is based at Ireland’s Ardmore Studios, will pool their extensive production and finance expertise to develop feature films for the international market and have brought Catherine Tiernan, formerly of Ocean Films (The Fifth Province) onboard as a producer.

In addition to the Dean Georgaris-scripted Tristan And Isolde, Octagon’s current slate includes: The Godmother, a fantasy comedy about a woman who returns from holidays with a divine baby, written by Wesley Burrowes (Rat); As If I Am Not There, scripted by Elisabeth Gilek and based on Slavenka Drakulic’s acclaimed novel set in the Balkan conflict; and an adaptation of Emily Prager’s novel Roger Fishbite, a satire on life as seen through the eyes of a precocious 13 year old New Yorker.

Octagon is also seeking co-production partners to work on a joint venture basis on Irish-based film projects and can provide line production management to incoming international productions as well as procure Section 481 investment.

Morgan O’ Sullivan’s recent executive producer and co-producer credits include Reynolds’ The Count Of Monte Cristo, Bob Bowman’s Reign Of Fire and currently Joel Schumacher’s Chasing The Dragon.

Martin Blaney (Screen International) / DH
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The Z Review.co.uk

Monday 29th September 2003: Tristan & Isolde Update:
The following pics of the sets of Tristan & Isolde's sets in Ireland have just been sent in. Thanks to Robert! Click Here

Tuesday 23rd September 2003: Tristan & Isolde Update:
Just received word today that the filming on Tristan & Isolde has finished it's exterior filming in Ireland and has moved to Prague for six weeks for exterior filming. After that they will then move to studios for 4 weeks of filming.

Thursday 4th September 2003: Tristan & Isolde Update:
The following press release for Tristan & Isolde has just been released:
Filming has begun in Galway, Ireland on Scott Free’s TRISTAN & ISOLDE, a tale set in the Dark Ages, of a princess and young warrior’s love affair which threatens to tear apart an uneasy peace between England and Ireland, it was announced today by Scott Free Productions.

TRISTAN & ISOLDE is directed by Kevin Reynolds (The Count of Monte Cristo, Waterworld, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) and written by Dean Georgaris (Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Paycheck, Mission Impossible 3). It stars James Franco, Sophia Myles and Rufus Sewell. The film is being produced for Scott Free by Lisa Ellzey (The Gathering Storm), Giannina Facio (Matchstick Men), Moshe Diamant (A Sound of Thunder) and Elie Samaha (The Whole Ten Yards).

After the fall of the Roman Empire, Irish KING DONNCHADH (David O’Hara) brutally subjugates tribal England. There, young orphaned TRISTAN (James Franco) is raised by family ally LORD MARKE (Rufus Sewell). As a young man, the charismatic Tristan leads guerilla attacks on Irish occupying forces, ultimately defeating King Donnchadh’s elite warriors. Believing himself to be mortally wounded, Tristan requests a funeral boat that eventually washes up on the Irish coast. Discovered by Irish Princess ISOLDE (Sophia Myles), the two fall passionately in love. All too soon Tristan must flee back to the safety of England. Meanwhile, King Donnchadh invites the English lords to contest for Isolde’s hand, hoping to cause further discord among the bickering English barons. Unaware of Isolde’s identity, Tristan fights in the tournament as Marke’s champion. Tristan is victorious but is devastated to learn Isolde’s true identity. Lord Marke weds Isolde and prepares to become King of the now united England, ruining Donnchadh’s plan. Despite their best efforts to stay apart, Tristan and Isolde eventually resume their affair. When King Donnchadh arrives in England for Marke’s coronation, he deviously unmasks the affair causing an English rebellion. Lord Marke forgives Tristan and Isolde as they defend Castle D’Or from Irish troops. Tristan leads a battle against the Irish but is fatally wounded. As Lord Marke leads the reunited English troops to drive out the Irish, Tristan dies peacefully in Isolde’s arms.

Ridley Scott (Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, Blade Runner), Tony Scott (Spy Game, Enemy of the State, Top Gun), Jim Lemley (We Were Soldiers) and Frank Hubner serve as executive producers. Co-producing are Anne Lai and Jan Fantl.

“This has long been a passion of ours and we look forward to collaborating with the wonderful team we have assembled for this film,” says Scott Free.

James Franco, who plays Tristan, is best known for his title role in TNT’s ‘James Dean’ which earned him a Golden Globe for Best Actor in Motion Picture made for Television. He next stars in Robert Altman’s The Company and John Dahl’s The Great Raid. Among his other credits are Spiderman I & II, City by the Sea, Nicolas Cage’s Sonny and Never Been Kissed.

Sophia Myles, who portrays Isolde, will next been seen as Lady Penelope in Thunderbirds alongside Ben Kingsley. Her other films credits include the soon to be released Underworld starring Kate Beckinsale, Mansfield Park, From Hell and The Abduction Club.

Rufus Sewell who plays Marke, has starred in a number of television and feature films. He will next be seen in a TV adaptation of ‘Charles II.’ His many film credits amongst others include A Knight’s Tale, Illuminata, Dark City, Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet and Schlesinger’s Cold Comfort Farm.

The film also stars David O’Hara (Fever, Braveheart, The Devil’s Own, Some Mother’s Son), Dexter Fletcher (Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Topsy Turvy, Jude The Obscure, Caravaggio), Bronagh Gallagher (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Pulp Fiction, The Commitments), Henry Cavill (Hellraiser 7, I Capture The Castle, The Count of Monte Cristo) and Mark Strong (Heartlands, All About Love, Fever Pitch).

TRISTAN & ISOLDE will be released domestically by 20th Century Fox with Franchise Pictures serving as international sales agent. The film shoots in Ireland and Prague through early December 2003.

Monday 21st July 2003: Tristan & Isolde Update:
British actress Sophia Myles, who plays Lady Penelope in the forthcoming Thunderbirds movie, is to star with James Franco in period romance Tristan & Isolde, directed by Kevin Reynolds. Set in medieval Britain and Ireland, the story is an adaptation of the romantic myth about doomed young lovers. It follows Tristan (Franco), an English knight who attempts to unite England by winning the hand of the Irish king's daughter, Isolde (Myles). The knight falls in love with the future queen, but she is already married to another and their affair threatens the future of Britain.

Thursday 17th July 2003: Tristan & Isolde Update:
Just received word that Henry Cavill will play Melot in Tristan and Isolde. Thanks to Anon!

Monday 16th June 2003: Tristan & Isolde Update:
The filming on Tristan and Isolde is thought to be starting in the Czech republic at the end of August.
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Tristan and Isolde hits the silverscreen

Irish Abroad

THE doomed Irish medieval love story of Tristan and Isolde is to be turned into a movie.  The west coast of Ireland will provide the backdrop for the film about Tristan, an English knight, who falls for Isolde, an Irish princess, after they share a love potion.  Ridley Scott, the legendary Hollywood director of Blade Runner and Thelma And Louise, will be at the helm and has a cast of relatively unknown actors to keep costs down.  The British-born director has been trying to make a movie version of the mythical tale since the 1970s.  The tragic love story has been the subject of an opera by Richard Wagner and is regularly performed around the world.  James Flynn, of Octagon Films, who is co-producing the movie with Ridley Scott, said: “It will be a substantial blockbuster. Ridley Scott has always wanted to make this film. It will be a very big movie and it has all the ingredients.
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February 11, 2003

Franco, Ridley, Reynolds, Tristan & Isolde

Classic tale gets the big-screen treatment.





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