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Variety.com July 9, 2002

USA Networks announced casting for its "Helen of Troy" mini and pic "Dominick Dunne Presents: Murder in Greenwich."

Sienna Guillory ("The Time Machine") has been deemed a face that could launch a thousand ships, landing the role of Helen. She'll be joined by Rufus Sewell as Agamemnon, Stellan Skarsgard as Theseus and Matthew Marsden as Paris.


TV mini-series Helen of Troy to be shot in Malta
Author: Fiona Galea Debono
from Malta Migration.com

2 May 2002

The Malta Film Commission is experiencing yet another busy period, with a number of foreign productions showing an interest and making serious enquires about filming in Malta.

Among the many projects heading Malta's way is a two-part, four-hour, TV mini-series, Helen of Troy, which starts shooting in various locations at the beginning of summer over a period of about two months.

About 95 per cent of the $14 million-budget production is being shot in Malta, which is doubling as Athens, Sparta and Troy, the MFC said.

Helen of Troy is produced and distributed by USA Cable Entertainment - part of Vivendi Group, the largest media group worldwide - and is to be aired in the US early next year.

It is being directed by the renowned TV director, Hungarian-born, Peter Medak, and scripted by Ronni Kern, while a number of top-class actors have been mentioned for the series, although their names cannot yet be confirmed.

The producers approached the Malta Film Commission representative in Los Angeles and meetings were held earlier last month. Following a recce in Malta, they decided to shoot the bulk of the production locally.

Malta was selected for the TV film primarily due to the sets in Fort Ricasoli and the fort itself, as well as other locations, the short distances and competitive costs, the MFC said.

Helen of Troy marks the third TV project to be almost completely shot in Malta in 2002. Shooting of the TV series Julius Caesar and the filmed version of the opera, The Death of Klinghoffer, was completed earlier last month.

Julius Caesar pumped around $14 million into the economy over seven months.

Commenting on the latest project, the parliamentary secretary in the Economic Services Ministry, George Hyzler, remarked that USA Cable Entertainment's decision to shoot the series in Malta confirmed yet again that the island was turning into a reliable and popular film destination.

"The various, unspoiled locations, Fort Ricasoli and the sets in particular, as well as the hard work and professionalism of the MFC have contributed to attract the project to Malta, which was competing with Croatia's Dalmatian Coast.

Dr Hyzler commented that if Malta lost its reliable reputation on one project, irrespective of its budget, it could lose business for the coming years. The government and the MFC would continue to do their utmost to satisfy the needs of every production, he said, confident that the public had understood that the film business was not a "rip-off industry".

The MFC has received encouraging feedback both from the producers of Julius Caesar and Klinghoffer, who said they were looking forward to shooting in Malta in the future.

The past three months have been busy for Malta, following a quieter 2001, Dr Hyzler said, speaking about the need for more human resources in the business and encouraging the private sector to consider the potential of the industry and start investing in it.

He said Malta needed a sound stage and other ancillary services and that while the Business Promotion Act catered for incentives for the industry, feedback from the local private sector was still low.

A training programme for the industry would soon be launched to help Malta increase its workforce in the field, Dr Hyzler said.

According to Variety, an influential daily trade newspaper, the mini-series on the legendary life of Helen of Troy - the face that launched a thousand ships - traces the story of how a savage war was waged over the beauty of one woman, Helen, who risked everything to be with her lover, the young warrior Paris of Troy.

The production team was looking at either trying to lure a big name, known for both her beauty and her acting prowess, or at launching a worldwide search for the perfect Helen.

The mini-series has been described as "a big story, which also involves an interesting personal story that carries you through".

July 2002 (Rumour??)
Best Picture Nominees Turned TV Series: 2005-06 (Warning: Spoilers)
The medium of television has a long history of transplanting a profitable film premise to the episodic format. And if a run-of-the-mill sleeper hit like Clueless can live on for several seasons as a sitcom, surely Best Picture nominees would evolve into TV series just as popular and critically acclaimed. Right? Peruse this press release that we at Fametracker have obtained from the 2005-06 season and judge for yourself.
Gosford Park, starring Joely Richardson, Michael Palin, and Brenda Blethyn, Saturdays at 9 on ABC
From the outside, the house at Gosford Park looks like any other stately manor home in the English countryside. What few know until they cross the threshold is that Gosford Park is a veritable magnet for murderers. Each week on the Gosford Park TV series, the McCordle family -- led by venerable Lady Sylvia (Joely Richardson) -- invite a party to stay for the weekend; what the guests don't know is that at least one of them won't make it to Monday morning! In the pilot episode, a hunting party arrives at Gosford, led by Sir Geoffrey Somerset (Anthony Stewart Head); in the middle of the night, a cry rings throughout the house, and soon enough, Jennings (Michael Palin), the Butler, has discovered the corpose of Somerset's footman Bob (Sean Biggerstaff), sporting a neat, civilized little knife wound in his side. The McCordles call in Inspector Thompson (Hugh Bonneville) to solve the murder, but Thompson proves quite useless, so the household staff -- led by Mrs. Wilson (Phyllida Law), Elsie (Serena Scott Thomas), and George (Rufus Sewell) -- mobilize to ferret out the killer. Future murder victims include Lady Bertha Willoughby (Patsy Kensit); Michael, Lord Devonshire (Martin Clunes), and Miss Sarah Kent (Polly Walker). Lady Sylvia herself ends up stabbed and hanging, comatose, between life and death in a very special episode for February sweeps. Will she live? Will Gosford Park ever see a week in which no one is killed on the premises? And, most importantly, will the staff clear away all the corpses in time for tea? It's jolly good!

thanks Nadine!!!

December 9. 2001
Rufus was among the guests when Dame Judi Dench  was honored  by the British Academy Of Film And Television Arts (BAFTA) in a special TV tribute hosted by Stephen Fry.
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including video captures of the event.

"She Creature" on Cinemax (US television) in October.       Directed by Sebastian Gutierrez ("Judas Kiss"), and starring Rufus Sewell ("A Knight's Tale"), Carla Gugino ("Spy Kids") and Gil Bellows ("Ally McBeal")

She Creature

shecreature (3117 bytes)

"She Creature" was released in region 2
(Europe, Middle East and Japan only) DVD format on 25 March, 2002. Amazon.co.uk
region 1 (US and Canada) DVD release date was 2 April, 2002.  Amazon.com

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                        "She Creature"



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