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 23 February 2002




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November 18, 2001















































The Legend of Zoro

Rufus Sewell Aboard Zorro Sequel
Source: The Hollywood Reporter Sunday, July 25, 2004

British actor Rufus Sewell is joining the cast of Columbia Pictures' The Legend of Zorro, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are reuniting with director Martin Campbell for The Mask of Zorro sequel. Sewell portrays
Armand, Zorro's rival for the affection of Elena (Zeta-Jones).

Sewell's credits include A Knight's Tale and Tristan and Isolde.
thanks, Rai

July 9,2004 
The Evening Standard (London)

Rufus joins the Bushoisie

Is Shepherd's Bush going up in the world? Having weathered the loss of Nigella Lawson, who found the area not to her liking, residents can breathe a sigh of relief with news that dashing actor Rufus Sewell has bought a house in the area. Da Bush, deemed by the cognoscenti to be much cooler and more shabby-chic than Notting Hill, will no doubt suit the Bristol-driving actor and his young family well though I hear trams are soon going to be all the rage.

TASTE (CBS) - Rufus Sewell ("A Knight's Tale") is the latest to join the cast of the comedy pilot, about a culinary school grad (Jane Krakowski) who lands her first job at a high-profile New York restaurant. Kirk Rudell and Andy Cadiff are behind the project, which comes from Regency Television and CBS Productions. Richard Ruccolo
also stars.

The latest news about "Taste" is that it hasn't been picked up by CBS for the Fall 2004 lineup.

more on "Taste"

Shooting Stars

shooting stars.jpg (3218 bytes)

A Gala in aid of the Shooting Star Hospice for Children

‘The Journey Through Life’, includes readings by stars, plus West End musical and play extracts. Stars Samantha Bond, Richard Briers, Maria Friedman, Nigel Havers, Maureen Lipman, Sir Trevor McDonald,
Rufus Sewell, Prunella Scales and Kate Winslet (subject to availability). Directed by Jude Kelly. Full performers’ list at Box Office.


Thanks,Karen and Nadine!

The Sunday Express January 24, 2004


All-star Judging Panel Will Root Out the Film Talent of Tomorrow

Steven Spielbergs and Richard Curtises of the future are to hit the jackpot thanks to a kids Oscar ceremony sponsored by the National

An all-star judging panel, including Joely Richardson, star of the new hit series Nip/Tuck, and actor Kenneth Branagh will pick the
winners in the First Light Young Filmmakers Awards.

The UK Film Council hopes that the awards will enable budding actors and directors as young as seven to take their first steps on the road
to Hollywood.

They want the young film buffs to emulate the success of Jamie Bell, the star of Billy Elliott, who will also be on this year's judging
panel.   They think that the rising stars will one day be responsible for hit British films such as Love Actually, Bend It Like Beckham or
28 Days Later - all of which have been enjoying international success.

Cold Mountain star Ray Winstone will also be on the panel, along with Minority Report's Samantha Morton, John Hannah from Four Weddings and a Funeral, Rufus Sewell and Christopher Eccleston.

The winners will be announced on February 23.  Subjects of the nominated films include a tale of triumph over sherbet-making
Martians and a film about teenagers on the hunt for a werewolf.

The nominated films also address issues of concern to young people including bullying, theft and revenge.


Tim Shipman, Sunday Express, January 25, 2004
Thanks, Renata!

Rufus Is Back To Wedding Days
The Express - Financial Times Information Limited
November 19, 2003

CUTTING a swathe through the ladies as womanising Charles II on TV, doe-eyed Rufus Sewell is to tie the knot once more. He and writer and poet Amy Gardner, 25, have pencilled in a wedding for February.

They met in 2001 and had a baby boy, Billy, in March last year. "Amy is extremely glamorous, " says a friend. "She is sophisticated beyond her years and has totally entranced Rufus."

It will be Sewell's second marriage.

He was married to Australian journalist Yasmin Abdallah, then 23, in 1999. The union started unusually when they eschewed a honeymoon because he was due on stage in Macbeth that evening and the bride had to return Down Under because her visa had run out. The marriage lasted just a year, finishing for "irreconcilable differences".

A spokesman for Sewell, 36, would not confirm his plans, refusing to comment on his private life.

Charles II - The Power and the Passion

Charles II Gallery


The Sun Online
Thursday, November 6, 2003

The Loin King

Charles&Barbara.jpg (19377 bytes)

RANDY Charles II gets a firm grip on Lady Castlemaine Barbara Villiers in the BBC’s new bodice-ripping drama.
The saucy royal, played by Rufus Sewell, seduces a string of women in the drama, which starts on BBC1 on
November 16.
Barbara Villiers, played by Helen McCrory, had six children after becoming Charles’ lover in 1660. Helen said:
“Barbara Villiers has an unabashed hedonism that makes her magnetic. She was described as an uncrowned
queen. “Here was a really unusual woman who was a political animal as much as she was a sexual animal.
“She was a tough cookie and a clever woman.”

thanks, Rai!!

The Independent

3 October 2003

Serial Killers: Whatever happened to the epic TV dramas of old?
Simple, says James Morrison, they got squashed. So how do you tell the story of Henry VIII in just two parts? And can the condensed 'Colditz' ever live up to the 1970s original?can the condensed 'Colditz' ever live up to the 1970s original?i

................The Deal lasted 90 minutes, while ER star Alex Kingston's portrayal of the life of England's most celebrated warrior queen was crammed into a two-hour film. Henry VIII has been given a comparatively generous four hours, over two episodes, and next month's BBC 1 dramatisation of the life and loves of Charles II, starring Rufus Sewell, has the same running time, but over four nights.

the complete story

Tristan & Isolde (romantic drama)
Scot Free Prods/Francise Picture, 634 N. Lapeer Dr., LA 90059  310-360-2250
Shooting in Ireland, Prague
Start September 1 2003
Cast:  James Franco, Sophia Myles, Rufus Sewell, David O'Hara, Mark
Strong, Bonagh Gallagher, Dexter Fletcher
ExPrd., Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Jim Lernley, Frank Hubner; Prd., Lisa Elzey,
Giannina Facio, Moshe Diamant, Elie Samaha;  Kevin Reynolds directing.
The Hollywood Reporter

Thanks, Rai and Chris!!!

more on Tristan and Isolde

Wednesday July 16, 05:00 AM

Sewell and Freeman come to the rescue

By by Jonathan Donald

Actors Rufus Sewell and Martin Freeman have come to the rescue of two neglected bears while filming new BBC1 drama Charles II.
Sewell and Freeman were horrified by the plight of the beasts being kept in a pit at a castle in the Czech Republic.
"They led the cast and crew in a whip round to improve the conditions of the bears," executive producer Kate Harwood told TV Plus. "Martin and Rufus were very keen to help them."
"Locals had rescued them from a circus that had gone bust when the owner had been sent to prison for murder," said producer Kate Harwood.
"They were being kept in a pit at the castle where we were shooting and weren't in great shape. We left money to build a better enclosure but 4,000 is needed."
The lavish BBC1 drama, to air in the autumn, depicts the life and many loves of the tolerant monarch.
Cold Comfort Farm star Sewell plays him, while The Office star Freeman is the Earl of Shaftesbury.
The bears were found at Tocnik Castle, near Prague, which was used for scenes set in 17th-century London.


21 June 03  
Daily Mail "Weekend"
24 hours in the life of the BBC -

TheLastKing.jpg (95221 bytes)
Lester Middlehurst 
It is 8AM and already the temperature on the set of the BBC's lavish new costume drama, Charles II, has reached 38 degrees C. Actor Rufus Sewell has just come out of make-up, where he has been for several hours so his handsome features can be aged in readiness for the king's death scene. We are inside a warehouse outside Prague in the Czech Republic, in which a set has been built to represent the Palace of Whitehall. The atmosphere is stifling because of the excessive heat.
Sewell, however, is in good spirits, joking with the cast and crew. Despite the enormity of his role - he appears in virtually every scene of the four part drama to be screened in late autumn - he is clearly relishing the challenge. He and his girlfriend Amy had just moved to Los Angeles with their baby son Billy when he was offered the part of Charles II.    It is expected to do for his career what Pride and Prejudice did for Colin Firth's, yet before he was cast, he had decided to spend six months of the year in America to pursue a film career.
He had just signed a lease on Rock Hudson's former Hollywood home when he had to decamp and return to Europe.  Like most of the team, he is renting an apartment in Prague so his family can be with him and every lunchtime Amy brings Billy to the set, says producer Kate Harwood, "Quite a lot of the cast and crew have young children with them and it's lovely to see them all playing together on the set at lunchtimes. Even though we're working incredibly hard there is a great social scene here.  There are quite a few party animals involved in this production so there have been a lot of late-night parties on the nights before days when we aren't shooting."
Sewell was first choice for the title role of the pounds 4 million epic, but originally turned down the offer because he was committed to a film in the US , but it fell through.    "We were absolutely thrilled to get him," said Harwood.    "Rufus has tremendous presence and natural authority and the camera loves him. He's so charming and people say the Charles was either the most cynical, ruthless king in history or the most charming.  Rufus has the ability to show both sides of the man.   It's a massive part for him but he's doing it with such good humour.
 'Charles II is quite racy and bloody,' explains Harwood. 'Charles' private life is a huge part of the story.'  The bedroom scenes promise to be particularly raunchy as much of the script deals with the randy monarch's amorous exploits.  Helen McCrory plays his manipulative promiscuous mistress, Barbara Villiers;  Emma Pierson is Neil Gwynne, and Shirley Henderson is his long-suffering, barren wife.  The cast also includes Diana Rigg as Charles Mother, Henrietta Maria, and Alice Patten, the youngest daughter of former Hong Kong Governor Chris, plays the virginal Lady Frances who manages to escape the Kings sexual advances.
So far there has been only one major technical hitch, explains Kate. "There's an airfield nearby and planes are coming over as we are filming.  We persuaded them to limit their flying lessons to early mornings and during our lunch breaks.  They have been so co-operative.  I can't imagine an English airfield being quite so helpful."
Thanks, Nadine!!!! 

RufusCzechsoutCharlesCPT.jpg (47916 bytes)

by Baz Bamigboye  Daily Mail 20 June

Rufus Sewell, sporting a curly wig he describes as having the texture of a 'horses's ass', strolls past an Acacia tree and chats with fellow actor David Bradley.  The scene takes in a beautifully clipped yew hedge, an oak tree and beds of roses, catnip, sage and delphinium - a picturesque view of a grand English garden, or so it would seem.  Sewell is portraying Charles II in a 5.5 million pound four-part drama that the BBC is filming in what is supposed to be Oxford, where the king decamped to escape the plague.

In fact, we're in Moravia.  The castle of Lednice, to be precise - a three-hour drive from Prague.  The cast, led by Sewell, have been shooting the public, and some very private, aspects of the Monarch's life, on various locations in the Czech Republic.

Shirley Henderson plays Charles's long-suffering wife Catherine.  The other women in his life are Helen McCrory as the scheming Lady Castlemain; Emma Pierson as Nell Gwyn; French newcomer Melanie Thierry as Louise de Keroualle; and Alice Patten as Lady Frances Stewart - who spent years spurning his regal advances.

Director Joe Wright and producer Kate Harwood realised their budget wouldn't stretch far in the UK - and the hunt for locations would have been hellishly difficult.  But the cast and crew seem to have taken to life in Prague.  There's a sense of camaraderie on the set.  I can't name names, but when the lads spot a comely lass they nudge each other and go, in smoothest Leslie Phillips: 'Tick-tock, who's the new nurse?'

Alice Patten - the one who got away - finished her scenes yesterday.  'She just said No!' the actress laughed.  'She ended up as the face of Britannia on coins, even though she didn't give Charles what he wanted.'

Sewell was in LA when approached by Wright and Harwood.  'I knew that if I was going to do it, it would depend on what Joe's vision was for the drama and I liked what he said, so I said Yes.'

But, until then, Sewell admitted his view of Charles had been a comical one.  'My idea of Charles II was based on those old Cadbury's chocolate Orange adverts, where he goes to the theatre with Nell Gwynn and you have these enormous bazooms with Nell G going: "Have an Orange, Charlie," and that was basically my idea of him.  But that's all changed now,' said Sewell, suitably seriously, lifting his wig and scratching his shaved head underneath.

The drama looks at the intrigue behind how Charles regained the throne, and at court gossip and politics of the time.  It will be broadcast on BBC1 in November.
Thanks Rai and Gillian!!!!


The Daily Mail
April 4, 2003
by Baz Bamigboye

Melanie Thierry, a French beauty who will be one of Charles II's paramours in a bawdy four-part television
drama about the King.
Rufus Sewell will romp for England, along with Helen McCrory and many others.
Diana Rigg plays Charles's mother.
As producer Kate Harwood told me: 'It's not a history lesson. Rather, we look at the women in his life and

try to explain how the execution of his father affected him.'
The epic will be shot in Prague for BBC1. Ms Thierry, a 21-year-old Paris based actress, has appeared in

several French language films, but Charles II marks her her international breakthrough.
Producer Harwood and director Joe Wood have assembled a superb cast that also includes Rupert Graves

as the Duke of Buckingham, Shirley Henderson as Charles's wife Catherine, Charlie Creed Miles as his brother
James and Alice Patten as Lady Frances Stewart, one of the few damsels to escape Charles's sexual clutches.
thanks, Rai!


Patten daughter to star in racy new BBC drama
By Adam Sherwin, Media Reporter
The London Times
April 4, 2003
THE youngest daughter of Chris Patten is to star in a "lusty"BBC One drama about the life
and loves of King Charles II.  A month after her father was elected Chancellor of Oxford University,
Alice Patten, 23, has picked up a role that could make her an equally prominent figure on the

She will play Lady Frances Stuart, the young virgin who managed to escape Charles's sexual
advances and became Britannia, the female  icon who presided over British coinage for three
Rufus Sewell will play a "witty, sensual" monarch in the 4million drama,
a four-part series that will be a highlight of BBC One's autumn season.

Miss Patten's success comes 11 years after her father arrived in Hong Kong as the colony's final
Governor with
three daughters whose appearance sent the local press into a frenzy.

They were dubbed the "Three Graces" and gossip columnists debated the lengths of their skirts
while one British newspaper criticised 17-year-old Laura for slouching at a formal ceremony.

The girls' vibrant charm soon became a valuable aide to their father and the family's tearful farewell
to the colony in 1997 was one of the most poignant moments of the British handover to China.

While their father found a new position as EU External Relations Commissioner, before becoming a
candidate for the Oxford post, the Patten girls pursued successful careers in the media. Laura, 28,
is deputy beauty editor at Tatler magazine and Kate, 29, is a BBC television producer. Both now shun
the limelight, limiting their public appearances to campaigning with their father in Oxford and
attending Alice's first nights.

The youngest Patten was spotted by a theatrical agent when she appeared in a student production at
Cambridge, where she took a modern languages degree.

Her rise has been swift and last year she made her West End debut in Vincent in Brixton, playing Eugenie,
the "wide-eyed charmer" whose mother became Van Gogh's landlady.

Colleagues of the three daughters say that they refuse to trade on their name. Laura began her career
with a work experience placement on Vogue, before jobs at Harpers & Queen and then Vanity Fair.

Kate travels around the world producing documentary programmes for the BBC's digital channels, including
Rock Shrines, whichshowcased the sites of legendary rock star deaths. She had previously worked on Esther
Rantzen's That's Life! Filming for Charles II beginsin the Czech Republic later this month. Frances Stuart is
believed to be the only one of Charles's loves to refuse his advances. He penned her tender love poems but to
no avail. The king was furious when she eloped with the Duke of Richmond but eventually forgave her and made
her husband Ambassador to Denmar



Apr 4 2003
The Mirror, London

By Nicola Methven

The daughter of ex-Tory chairman Chris Patten is to star in the BBC's latest bodice-ripper series, it was revealed yesterday.  Alice Patten, 22, plays opposite Rufus Sewell in the lust-filled costume drama Charles II.But Alice's character, the demure Lady Frances Stewart, is one of the few to escape Sewell's sexual advances as the King. She will be joined in an all-star cast by Dame Diana Rigg, Rupert Graves and Office funny-man Martin Freeman. The 5million drama follows Charles during his 10-year exile from Oliver Cromwell's England and his triumphant return. A BBC insider said: "The drama shows Charles at his lowest ebb. ?Alice Patten plays the one who got away but it's not long before Charles is spawning illegitimate kiddies all over the place. "Alice launched her acting career on stage and has had minor TV roles in The Forsyte Saga and Where the Heart Is. Her dad is a European Union commissioner.
thanks, Nadine

Sewell to Play Charles II for A&E
Tue, Mar 18, 2003 11:41 AM PDT

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - British actor Rufus Sewell has signed on to play English King Charles II in an
upcoming miniseries about the 17th-century monarch.

The four-hour miniseries, a co-production by A&E and the BBC, is scheduled to begin shooting in Prague next
month. It will chronicle Charles II's time on the throne, which coincided with the Great Plague and a fire that destroyed
much of London, and his personal life.

"This is a complex, rich portrait of a king, not to mention an incredibly sexy one," executive producer Delia Fine tells
The Hollywood Reporter. "Rufus is just the right actor to play such a fantastic chatacter." h
thanks Nadine!

More on Charles II


Helen of Troy

New   Helen of Troy Photo Gallery

  HOT10.jpg (11727 bytes)

VARIETY - Thursday, June 12, 2003
Miniseries roundup

Road to the
Emmys: Drama & longform


Helen of Troy

Network: USA
Cast: Sienna Guillory, Matthew Marsden, Rufus Sewell, Stellan Skarsgard
Director: John Kent Harrison
Writer: Ronni Kern

Critically speaking: "Standing out is Sienna Guillory as the title character and
Rufus Sewell as Agamemnon. . . ....," Michael Speier, Daily Variety

USA Network's Mini-series "Helen of Troy" July 28, 2003

  HofT.jpg (17088 bytes)

USA Network Official "Helen of Troy" Website
View the trailer - requires Windows Media Player or Real Player


Agamemnon.jpg (46963 bytes)
    image from The Rufus Sewell Forum

February 28, 2003
"Helen of Troy" will be featured in the USA Network's "Cable in the Classroom.".

USA Network will be airing a special, 30-minute documentary on Helen of Troy created especially for Cable
in the Classroom. This presentation, which will air COMMERCIAL FREE for easy taping, is scheduled for
early morning on Tuesday, March 25 from 4:30 - 5:00 AM ET, and again on Tuesday, April 1 from 4:30 - 5:00
The Rufus Sewell Forum

USA Networks announce the casting for their mini-series "Helen of Troy" with
Rufus in the part of Agamemnon.

Variety.com July 9, 2002


More on "Helen of Troy"




Jane Tranter, BBC Controller of Drama, described the series as "a dynamic romp through history -
racy, visceral and violent -set in the corridors and bedrooms of power, when the conflict between
Monarch and State was at a crossroads".

The drama, written by Adrian Hodges, begins with Charles's restoration to the Throne and follows his battles
with Parliament and attempts to increase religious tolerance. But it is Charles's
reputation as "that great enemy of chastity and marriage"which will be probed most closely, with mistresses
from the kindhearted Nell Gwynne to the scheming Barbara Villiers disrobing for the King to the distress of the
barren Queen Catherine.

Kate Harwood, the producer, said: "It is a lusty piece and Charles's infidelities appalled people at the time. But
it was a violent age and although Charles was the last King to try to rule without
Parliament he managed to remain quite popular."

Leaving London for the Strip
The Sunday Los Angeles Times
(Real Estate)
Sunday, March 23, 2003

British actor Rufus Sewell, who played the villain in such movies as "Bless the Child" (2000) and "Knight's Tale
(2001), and his wife Amy, have leased the former Sunset Strip home of the late actor Rock Hudson.....
The Sewells and their son, Billy, plan to live in the home for at least six months. Built in 1949, the 1330 square
foot house has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a large office and a fireplace. On a gated
knoll with canyon views, the one story home also has a Zen garden.

The couple put their two story, loft style home in north London on the market in December ..... according to the
London Sunday Times.  At the  time they were looking for a more child-friendly home. The actor had purchased
the house six years ago and he added a roof garden, home cinema and designer kitchen.

Sewell, 35, also played Ian, the TV commercial director in the Austrian Alps thriller "Extreme Ops" (2002), and
he portrayed Will Ladislaw in the BBC adaptation of "Middlemarch" (1994).

Among his many movies were "Dangerous Beauty"(1997), and Kenneth Branagh's "Hamlet" (1996) in which
Sewell played Fortinbras.  He made his U.S. stage debut in the 1995 Broadway production of  "Translations" and
has acted many times on the British stage.
Jeffrey Hobgood of Sotheby's International Realty, Beverly Hills, represented the tenants.

thanks, Lexi!

ctor to play such a fantastic character."

GONYPremiere.jpg (2692 bytes)      GONYPremiere2.jpg (2529 bytes)     GONYPremiere3.jpg (2608 bytes)  a

              GONYPremiere5.jpg (3388 bytes)     GONYPremiere6.jpg (3499 bytes)

    GONY7.jpg (3547 bytes)      GONY8.jpg (2955 bytes)     GONY9.jpg (3731 bytes)
Rufus and Amy at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square, London,
for the premiere of "Gangs Of New York."
January 7, 2003 (rex features)

Moving On

The actor Rufus Sewell — the unforgettable Will Ladislaw in the BBC adaptation of Middlemarch — and his
girlfriend Amy Gardner are selling their two-storey, loft-style home in Kentish Town, north London. The pad is
on the market for 900,000 with Benham and Reeves. The couple are looking for a more child-friendly home in

the area to raise their nine-month-old son Billy. “I bought this six years ago,” says Sewell. “I added a roof garden,
a home cinema, a power shower and a designer kitchen. Now I want somewhere with little rooms and fireplaces.
Besides, for children, jumping off the balcony is too tempting.”

From The London Sunday Times, 8 December 2002
thanks, Rai!

Miss Patten will star alongside Dame Diana Rigg, who plays Charles's mother, Henrietta Maria, Rupert Graves,
who stars as the Duke of Buckingham, and Shirley Henderson as Queen Catherine.
thank, Rai!

     triggerstreet.com3.jpg (27399 bytes)           triggerstreet.com2.jpg (27110 bytes) 
         Rufus and Amy           Derek Jacobi, Kevin Spacey, Rufus

      triggerstreet.com4.jpg (3893 bytes)

Triggerstreet.com launch party, Sanderson Hotel, London
November 26, 2002
Thanks, Sali, and Renata!

A blast from the past!

A Bit of Ruf
The London Sunday Times Magazine 8 February 1998

wpe2.jpg (21881 bytes)
photograph by Kim Andreolli

New from Drill Team Media "Extreme Ops" video clips and stills

extremeopsposter.jpg (63709 bytes)
thanks Nadine!

More on "Extreme Ops"

Rufus Wants Comic Role
Interview The Times of Malta August 28, 2002

Maltese Actors Impress in Mini-series
The Times of Malta
August 14, 2002

from Penguin Books

For your ears only!

Rufus Sewell reads Ian Fleming's original James Bond novels
- fourteen titles published in April with a stunning new look.





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