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Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel, and Laurence
Channel Four Films 1998
The Very Thought of You
Film Four 1999

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Frank:  Nickie, the agent calls me up, right?  She's got this French actress coming over from Paris.  She's throwing this big dinner party in her honor and she wants me to bring Daniel, because she's read some article in some fucking magazine about how fucking 'eligible' he is - alright?
So we get to the restaurant and this French actress is an absolute bombshell, right?   So Nickie takes ME and places me next to bombshell woman - place of honor and conversation through the evening.  And it turns out that she has got this break in her schedule coming up the following weekend and she wants me to give her a call.  So next day I give her a call - no reply.  Day after that I give her a call - no reply.   Next day Nickie phones me up to tell me that bombshell woman has gone to VENICE with fucking Daniel!  Now answer me a question.  Is that the behavior of a friend?  Because I tell you - the only reason he was interested is because I was interested! .......
You wanna know the truth?  I HATE HIM!  I hate him, he hates me!  We hate each other with the kind of commitment we only get from childhood friends.
The next time I see him I'm gonna break his nose!  Break his nose and then break his fucking jaw!  JESUS CHRIST!!!

Martha:  I'm Martha, by the way.
Frank:  I know --- (laugh) --- yeah -- you're Martha, you're American, and you're looking for someone that you think -- that you KNOW you're in love with.  Because you feel it right here, don't you?
Martha:  Like a thunderbolt!
Frank:  A thunderbolt?  Right!  What does that feel like, for my education?   What does that feel like, being struck by a thunderbolt?

Frank:  Listen, I don't suppose you'd consider taking a coffee with a certain pathetic,spineless drunk?
Martha:  They say like attracts like, right?
Frank:  They do, don't they!

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Frank:  Where is this one in 10 million now?  You've forgotten all about him haven't you? 
Martha:  That's not true!
Frank:  Yes it is.  You were sitting there thinking, this man is OK!  He's better than I thought. In fact most people are attracted  to just about everybody.   This perfect partner bollocks is just a physycal and chemical impossibility.   Do you know why?
Martha:  Why?
Frank:  My perfect partner is me.
Martha:  YOU?
Frank:  Me - with breasts!  The perfect relationship.  We would like the same food, we'd like the same music, the sex would be great!

Frank:  I love this place!  It's so full of hypocrites!  Look at that bloke, pretending he's interested in the paintings!  Look at him!! (ha!)
Look at this one!  What does that prat care about art?  He read in some magazine that this is the best pick-up joint in London, that's what he's doing here!

Frank:  People come to Art Galleries for the SEX!   -------There's nothing more boring than looking at paintings!  They only reason anyone ever comes to an art gallery is to get laid!!

Frank: I've got her!!  Daniel's American!!   Eating out of my hand, pupils dialating --I haven't got time for a moral discussion, Florence!!  I just wanted to tell
someone the good news!!


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