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Rufus Sewell, a British actor who has appeared in such films as A Knight's Tale and Dark City, has signed to play alongside Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones for Legend of Zorro, the sequel to Mask of Zorro. Sewell will play Armand, Zorro's rival for the attentions of Elena (Zeta-Jones). The sequel will be directed by Martin Campbell, who also helmed the first film.


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photos from the set of The Legend of Zorro

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Columbia/Tristar Pictures
August 10, 2004
Rufus Sewell in the role of enemy number one of Zorro

Rufus Sewell en el papel de enemigo número uno del Zorro   El actor inglés Rufus Sewell participa del elenco de la secuencia del hit mundial de Columbia Pictures "The Mask of the Zorro". En la segunda película, dirigida por Maritin Campbell, Rufus va a compartir créditos con los protagonistas Antonio Banderas y Catherine Zeta-Jones. Hará el papel de Armand, enemigo número uno del Zorro, que intenta robar de Alejandro Murrieta (Banderas) el amor de Elena (Catherine). Rufus Sewell protagonizó al lado de Heath Ledger el éxito del 2001 "A Knights Tale" también de Columbia. "The Legend of Zorro" esta siendo grabada en México y llegará a los cines en el 2005.

Rough English translation:
Rufus Sewell in the paper of enemy number one of the Fox English actor Rufus Sewell participates in elenco of the sequence of hit world-wide of Columbia Pictures "The Mask of the Zorro". In the second film, directed by Maritin Campbell, Rufus is going to share credits with the protagonists Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. It will play the role of Armand, enemy number one of the Fox, that tries to rob of Alexander Murrieta (Flags) the love of Elena (Catherine). Rufus Sewell carried out next to Heath Ledger the success of the 2001 "A Knights Tale" also of Columbia. "The Legend of Zorro" this being recorded in Mexico and will arrive at the cinemas in the 2005.


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Photos courtesy of KC: Banderas-Mall.com


Cinescape Movies
July 27, 2004

Movie News
ZORRO finds a romantic rival


Rufus Sewell (DARK CITY, A KNIGHT'S TALE) has joined the cast of THE LEGEND OF ZORRO. The dark-haired actor will play Armand, a love interest for the character of Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones' character) and thus a rival for her attention for the masked swordsman.

In related business news, Spyglass Entertainment will co-finance THE LEGEND OF ZORRO with Columbia Pictures, giving Spyglass the international rights for the movie. The company is also co-financing MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA to be directed by Rob Marshall (CHICAGO).

Rufus Sewell Aboard Zorro Sequel
Source: The Hollywood Reporter - Sunday, July 25, 2004

British actor Rufus Sewell is joining the cast of Columbia Pictures' "The Legend of Zorro", says The Hollywood Reporter.
Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are reuniting with director Martin Campbell for The Mask of Zorro sequel. Sewell portrays Armand, Zorro's rival for the affection of Elena (Zeta-Jones).

Sewell's credits include A Knight's Tale and Tristan and Isolde
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