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Update - Starz has abruptly pulled Higher Love from the January schedule.   To read the response to my inquiry, click here Starz Customer Service

STARZ! Pictures' Whimsical Romantic Comedy HIGHER LOVE
Academy Award(R) Nominees Minnie Driver and Nigel Hawthorne Star and Executive Produce  ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- STARZ! Pictures(R) presents the never-before-seen offbeat romantic comedy HIGHER LOVE, on STARZ!(R) Tuesday, January 2 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT (with subsequent plays throughout the month).
The warm and inviting film was written and directed by John Huddles (FAR HARBOR) and stars Academy Award(R) nominees Minnie Driver (BEAUTIFUL, GOOD WILL HUNTING) and Nigel Hawthorne (MADELINE, THE MADNESS OF KING GEORGE).
The cast also features hot British actor Rufus Sewell ("Arabian Nights," BLESS THE CHILD, DARK CITY), Gregory Sporleder (BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, TWISTER), Amelia Heinle ("Sally Hemings: An American Scandal," THE LIMEY), Keone Young (JACK) and newcomer Michael E. Rodgers.  Driver and Hawthorne also share the executive producer credit with Minnie's sister Kate Driver.
HIGHER LOVE is a whimsical romantic tale about a close knit group of family, friends and lovers who stubbornly chase unattainable goals while letting the simple ones slip away.  The story revolves around a very wealthy, but eccentric, British family that owns a spectacular farm in Northern California with an even more unconventional neighbor.  The tone of the film begins as madcap, but becomes serious before long.
The young self-absorbed Ross (Sewell) is trying desperately to hang on to the family's declining fortune, while his brother Paul (Rodgers), who has gone off to live in the woods, and eccentric Uncle Cullen (Hawthorne), who dresses in eastern robes, seem to be content to let it go.  Ross tries to sell off the family's priceless wine collection to finance another crazy get-rich-quick scheme -- a local manganese mine -- and finally make something of himself. Standing in his way, however, is Uncle Cullen, who has different and more bizarre plans not only for the family and the family's estate, but also for Ross' visiting wealthy girlfriend Kendal (Driver) and her friend
Laurie (Heinle).  Uncle Cullen orchestrates the majority of this activity while living at the top of a white column, like the hermit St. Simeon.  It is from this vantage point that he creatively guides each family member and friend to an understanding of true love and the ultimate epiphany that you can be everything you want to be if you just decide to be true to yourself.
Media Contacts:  Marc McCarthy, STARZ! Pictures, (303) 267-5851 or marc.mccarthy@starzencore.com; or Richard Hoffman, Warren Cowan & Associates
(310) 275-0777 or rhhoffman@warrencowan.com.
SOURCE  STARZ! Pictures 

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