Solar Power Generation – Solar energy can make all the difference when it comes to saving resources, money, and mostly helping in the economic development of a location or region. As well as being one of the best forms of energy capture, it can help entrepreneurs make their businesses more sustainable and profitable, and with government programs to encourage energy efficiency and generation, it’s even better.


Power with sustainability with the generation of solar energy


In spite of this, the necessary equipment for the capture and transformation of sunlight and the implantation of this system still demand a capital that many times the entrepreneur did not possess. The federal government has lines of credit and funding to find out which option is best for your case and place your company in the future.

Sunlight today is an extremely lucrative and sustainable way to get energy. In addition to being clean, renewable, it can be an investment that can pay off with time. This type of funding is considered one of the most sustainable and one of the most compensatory. Using solar power can reduce your light bill by up to 95%.

Currently the average investment to obtain a good solar supply system is 30 thousand reais. This investment can be recovered between 4 and 6 years. In addition, the equipment that turns sunlight into energy can last up to 30 years.
This type of energy reduces emissions of greenhouse phases and has a great capacity for renewal. Because it is clean and renewable, it has minimal environmental impact. Taking care of the planet can also help you save money and make more profits later in the month.

Federal government provides credit lines for solar energy

Federal government provides credit lines for solar energy

Sustainable growth and the production of renewable energy must be a concern of all, and especially of the government. The federal government gives several options to those who want to deploy solar energy in their company and even at home. They are options for both natural and legal persons.

State and regional banks such as Caixa Federal, Banco do Brasil, Banco do Nordeste and Banco da Amazônia have special credit lines to buy equipment and cover the deployment of solar energy. The interested party must be an accountant of the chosen bank, of legal age and must have a clean name.

Want to start generating solar energy in your home or business? To apply, simply go to your preferred bank. The loan, in the vast majority of these cases, is done after a credit analysis. And another option for anyone who wants to fund with government help their investment in solar energy are entities. Organizations such as Pronaf, Desarroll SP and Sicredi also offer loans to acquire equipment and carry out the installation.

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BNDES financing for the purchase of solar energy equipment


  The National Development Bank is one of the main supporters of companies seeking to invest in sustainability. For those who are interested in solar energy, the entity offers two lines of credit.

BNDES Finem – Power generation is one of the programs that helps companies to transform their energy capture and become more sustainable. The program assists companies based in the country, entities and public agencies.

Another credit line option by BNDES is BNDES Finem – Eficiência Energética. This program provides funding of 10 million for projects aimed at reducing energy consumption and increasing the efficiency of the national energy system.

To request funding for these credit lines, the interested party must send the request for financing directly to the BNDES through the system of prior electronic consultation, on the entity’s website, If you prefer, the interested party can also apply through an accredited financial institution.


Ask for the right financing for your company to become more sustainable


Ask for the right financing for your company to become more sustainable


Remember that this funding should not compromise your company’s income or yours. Take care of interest rates, pay attention to installments and do your best to keep up with them. Do not make a debt that you are not sure you can afford.

In addition, it is important that, when requesting funding to buy equipment for solar power generation, have a well-designed project to accelerate the process and ensure credit approval faster. There are even professionals who can assist you in putting together a good financing plan. Invest in solar energy. Good for the planet, good for your pocket!

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