Construcard line of credit, one of the ways that CAIXA provides to grant loans to those who want to renovate or expand their home with the best conditions in the market. The Construcard loan is specific to the construction equipment loan segment and grows absurdly each month, with a R $ 520 million hiring increase in the Caixa Econômica Federal portfolio in recent months.


Financing for construction and refurbishment

Financing for construction and refurbishment


When it comes to renovating or expanding real estate and residences, Brazilians are almost unanimous in contracting the Caixa Economica Construcard line of credit, created specifically for this purpose. The statistics show that only in the last months more than 100 thousand clients have joined this modality of construction credit capable of providing the current dwelling greater comfort, the expansion of space and also greater modernity the structure of the residence.

This financing is present in more than 65 thousand stores accredited and spread throughout Brazil and has already benefited more than 1.2 million families since 2007. This high number can be explained by the ease in contracting the Construcard financing. Some of the few requirements to have access to the Construcard Financing are to submit to one of several CEF agencies, provided with documents such as RG, CPF, Proof of Address and Proof of Income.

What is the term, interest rates of the Construcard financing?

What is the term, interest rates of the Construcard financing?

One of the great attractions is also contained in the interest rates practiced by CAIXA in the release of Construcard’s Financing, which goes from 1.40% to 1.85% per month + TR with amortization period of 1 to 240 months. The assigned rate is conditioned to the customer’s relationship with the bank, as well as the choice of the payment term, which can reach up to 20 years of financing.

CAIXA does not mention the maximum amount that the customer can redeem, as this loan limit is assessed according to the monthly payment capacity that the client demonstrates through his income.


Who can hire credit line to finance


What is the term, interest rates of the Construcard financing??


When it comes to CAIXA account holders, there is often already a pre-approved loan, waiting only for the client’s interest in contracting the financing through his manager.

Once contracted, the credit is granted through a magnetic card accepted in the most diverse stores of building materials throughout the country.

And for those who do not know, credit is not restricted only to building materials, but can also be used to purchase planned furniture and even residential solar heating system.

How to Hire Construcard Financing

How to Hire Construcard Financing

You should look for the nearest agency with the following original documents and 02 copies:

  • Copies of personal documents (RG, CPF, Marriage Certificate or Birth Certificate)
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of income for the last three months
  • Work certificate for proof of employment
  • IPTU card
  • Current income tax return
  • Moving the last three months of bank account and credit card bills.

Those interested in the financing that own automobiles, urban or rural properties and land in the same name, it is necessary to present the documentation in force. Please find below a list of other relevant articles on renovation and construction:

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Another important aspect before contracting the financing with Construcard is the limit, in general there is the possibility of making the payment of the labor contracted for the work, therefore, it is not possible to withdraw the resources, it is only possible to use it in the network of building materials.

Another question that is always asked here in the contacts is – “You can use the FGTS to settle or amortize part of Construcard’s debt.” In case this type of financing for renovation or construction is not possible. Check out more details.


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