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Dark City
New Line Cinema 1998

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John: I was just thinking, ---- what you do ---      isn't it kinda dangerous?                             
Hooker: You don't look like the killer type.

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John: Maybe I have lost my mind, but whoever I am I'm still me and I'm not a killer!
Emma:  I believe you.
John:  You do?          

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No Emma, you didn't do it - this affair or whatever it is. I don't believe it ever happened.  
I know this is gonna sound crazy, but what if we never knew each other before now?
What is the first time we ever met was last night in your, in our apartment -- and everything
you remember, and everything I'm supposed to remember never really happened,
but someone just wants us to think it did?

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John:  You wanted to know what it was that made us human - well, you're not going to find it in
here!  You went looking in the wrong place!  You know how I  was supposed to feel --
that person isn't me!  Never was!!

Anna:  I'm Anna by the way.  What's your name?
John:  John, John Murdoch


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