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Dangerous Beauty
Warner Brothers 1998

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Marco:  I see my faded stars your eyes, they melt me as the sun does snow.   I bought this in Rome -  for you.
Veronica:  You didn't buy it for me.
Marco:  Yes, I did, I just didn't know it.
Veronica:  Such a gift might be easily taken back again.
Marco:  Then name me any other gift.
Veronica:  The book will do for now.
Marco:  I think you're perhaps too young to accept what I would truly give you.
Veronica:  I'm not so young as you are vain!

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Marco:  Do you not like my kiss?
Veronica:  I wish it were not a sin to have liked it so.
Marco:  God made sin that we might know his mercy.

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Marco:  You know we can't marry. 
Veronica:  I know only what you tell me.
Marco:  I must marry according to my station and my family's will....

Veronica:  How romantic!
Marco:  Marriage isn't romantic, that's why God invented poetry.
Veronica:  To sweeten men's lying lips!
Marco:  If I were I liar would aI tell you this now!?
Veronica:  If you cared for me you could not tell me this ever!
Marco:  But I want you!
Veronica:  Not enough!!

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Marco:  (Drunkenly) Veronica! Veronica! Veronica, my little poetesse.    You’re the brightest star in the Venetian firn’ment - the coldest and yet the brightest.   Veronica - my uncle tells me I have the feigned indifference of a man --------------- about to be married.  I’m getting married Veronica congratulate me.
Veronica:  Felicitations on your grand match!
Marco:  Ah - Generously put - 
Veronica:  Do you love her?  
Marco:  Do I have to?

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Marco:  Stay with me, for as long as we have.
Veronica:  I'll be your private whore.
Marco:  Don't ever say that!  You're Veronica Franco, you're a poet and you're my lady.


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