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Cold Comfort Farm 1995
Gramercy Pictures/Universal

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Judith Starkadder:  Come down from there Seth, you no-good son a mine!
Seth Starkadder:  Good Day Mother!
Judith: Get back to the Vicarage, Violet!
Voilet:  Just lookin' for eggs, Miss Judith.

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Seth:  So you're the littl' lady from London with your smart ways, eh?I know your sort. 
Drain away a man's blood soon as look at 'im!

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Seth:  You women are all alike!  Fussin' over your fal-de-lals to bedaze a man's eyes, aye?
And what you really want is 'is blood, 'is pride, and the 'eart out of 'is body. 
And then when you've got 'im, bound up in yer fal-de-lals, and yer softness and he
can't move - 'cause of the longin' that cries in 'is blood, what do ya do then, aye?  
Ya eats 'im, same as a hen spider eats a cock spider.  But I don't let no women eat me -
I eats them instead.  You don't understand what I'm sayin' do ya? - littl' innocent.

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Seth:  London girls!! One of 'em told me that I was just
absolutely body-thrillin'!
Flora:  And so you are, Seth.

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Seth:  We're a rum lot, us Starkadders.  Some un us goes barney,some un us dies in childhood,
some un us pushes others down wells. So once a year Gramma holds a littl' gatherin' called the countin'.

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Mr. Neck:  So you want to be in the movies, Seth Starkadder?
Seth: More than anyfing else in the world!!  

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Judith:  Oh Seth!   Don't leave me!!
Seth:  I gotta go, Mother!  It's what I were always made for!!



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