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Carrington 1995

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Mark Gertler:  He's a bugger!
Dora Carrington:  I never know what that means.
Mark:  He's a homosexual!

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Mark:  Oh God, you make me so ANGRY!  Of course I'm interested in you sexually!  It doesn't mean I'm only interested in you sexually.         
I can get that anywhere.  I'm interested in YOU, in your opinions, what you think of ME - so naturally I'm interested in you sexually as well.
What did you expect?  I did ask you to marry me, for God's sake!!  I mean, I'd understand if you thought I was ugly. If you thought I was ugly
you wouldn't like me at all and you say you do.

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Mark:  You're the lady and I'm the Jew-boy from the East End.  That's it isn't it!?
Dora:  Of course not, Mark.

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