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Bless The Child
Paramount 2000

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Eric: Go ahead and fire, Maggie.  Feel the hate.  It's good, isn't it?   Something that feels that good can't be wrong, can it?...........
Thou..shalt..not..kill..Maggie....Especially without bullets.

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Eric: You're not like other children, Cody.  You know that.  You're special.   Did you know on the night you were born a star appeared in the sky and pointed down right at you?  A star that hadn't been seen in two thousand years?....
Cody:  Like Baby Jesus?
Eric:  You're a very smart girl.  Do you love God Cody?
Cody: Yes....
Eric:  Maybe that's only because you think you're supposed to.  I'm going teach you something tonight, something I think you're smart enough to understand.....Jump, Cody.  If you believe in God, jump.  If you don't come to me........Is it there ... or isn't it?  Will he catch you, or not? JUMP!!!"
Cody:  After you.

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Eric:  You've got no one, but me...and through me, Him.  This is the last time I'm going to ask you:  Join us Cody.  Join us and live.

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Eric: That's it?...That's the best  you can do?

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Eric: What's your choice?  Say it...Say you'll follow the One we serve.  Call Him your God!!


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