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Bobby - Twenty One

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Will Ladislaw - Middlemarch

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Robbie - A Man of No Importance

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Rufus Sewell was born on the 29th day of October 1967 in Twickenham, England. His mother, Jo, is Welsh and currently resides in Wales. His father, Bill, was an  Australian animator
who died when Rufus was 10. He has one brother, Caspar.

Rufus and partner Amy Gardner's son, William Douglas Sewell, was born on March 18, 2002.

Rufus attended London's Central School of Speech and Drama and made his London Stage debut in Making It Better, for 
which he won the "Best Newcomer Award".  He also originated the role of Septimus Hodge in Tom Stoppard's Arcadia, and
was nominated for an Oliver Award. On the Broadway stage, he debuted in Translations, and received the Broadway Theatre World Award.

His Television work includes: The Last Romantics, Gone To Seed, the acclaimed BBC mini-series Middlemarch, and
in May 2000, Arabian Nights, in which he played the part
of Ali Baba to rave reviews!

His film work includes: Twenty-One, Dirty Weekend, A Man
Of No Importance, Carrington, Hamlet, Cold Comfort
Farm, Victory, The Woodlanders, Dark City, Dangerous Beauty, Martha Meet Frank, Daniel & Laurence (The
Very Thought Of You)
, Illuminata, and the Australian film,
In a Savage Land.

In 1999 he returned to the stage with a successful production
of Shakespeare's Macbeth at the Queen's Theatre in
London's West End.

Bless The Child, with Kim Basinger and Jimmy Smits,
opened in the US on 11 August, 2000 and in the UK on 6
January 2001.

A Knight's Tale, also starring Heath Ledger and filmed in
Prague, Czech Republic, opened strongly in the US on May
11, 2001.

She Creature
, from writer-director Sebastian Gutierrez, aired during the month of October 2001 on US television Cinemax/ Home Box Office. It was released in DVD/video format in April 2002. 

Uncorked (Higher Love)
from Minnie Driver's production company, and also starring Ms Driver and the late Sir Nigel Hawthorne, was released in DVD/video format in November 2001.

Carrington, with Emma Thompson and Jonathan Price, has recently been released on DVD/video.

Rufus returned to the stage in October, 2001 in the title role in Peter Gill's production of John Osborne's Luther.  Presented at the Royal National Theatre in London, he received rave reviews.

In April 2002,  the complete collection of Ian Fleming's James Bond books on audio tape and compact disc, narrated by Rufus, was published by Penguin Books.

Extreme Ops, also starring Devon Sawa, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, and Rupert Graves, opened in the US on November 27, 2002.

The USA television mini-series Helen of Troy, with Rufus in a brilliant portrayal of Agammnon, aired first in April of 2003 with repeat showings throughout the summer.  The DVD was released in August, 2003 for region 1.

Charles II - The Power And The Passion - the BBC/A&E collaboration featuring Rufus in the starring role, aired on BBC 1 and BBC 4 in November, 2003.  The Arts & Entertainment US cable channel ran the program in one night in March 2004, changing the title to The Last King.

Tristan and Isolde, a feature film from Scot Free Productions with Rufus in the role of Lord Marke, recently completed filming in Ireland and Prague.

Rufus has been cast in the role of Armand, rival for the affections of Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones), in The Legend of Zorro from Columbia Pictures.   Returning in the role of Zorro is Antonio Banderas.

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                                  King Charles II




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       Giles - The Woodlanders

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       Mark Gertler - Carrington

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       Marco - Dangerous Beauty

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       Frank - Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel,
       and Laurence

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       Dominique - Illuminata

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       Eric Stark - Bless The Child

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       Count Adhemar - A Knight's Tale

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