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Arabian Nights - 2000

US Hallmark Television

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directed by Steve Barro
cast includes:
Scheherezade - Mili Avital
Sultan - Dougray Scott
Aladdin - Jason Scott Lee
Ali Baba -Rufus Sewell
John Leguizamo, Amira Casar
Alan Bates, Tehéky Kary

broadcast date US-ABC TV
30 April/ 1May 2000
Produced by Hallmark Entertainment
Hallmark network
ExPrd. Robert Halmi Sr.

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Official Hallmark  Arabian Nights Site
ABC Television

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Arabian Nights
Original TV Soundtrack
composed by  Richard Harvey
Audio CD (18 April  2000)
Original Release Date: 2000
Number of Discs: 1
Uni/Varese Sarabande; 302 066 141  2

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Portuguese language video cover
Thanks, Suzana from Brazil!




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