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RUFUS SEWELL is one of Britain’s most talented, charismatic, and versatile actors. His combination of good looks, self-deprecating wit, and courage in taking unexpected roles, makes him unique among his peers These pages will attempt to pay tribute to his work in theatre, film, and television.

Obviously, it’s a very hard thing doing the voice within an animated film, as opposed to the character in a [live-action] movie. And you have to place an enormous amount of energy within the voice. And I’m an enormous admirer of American stars. American actors who tone of voice animated movies are so outstanding at it because by nature of American talk, it’s full of energy and filled with commitment. And as a Rufus Sewell, we have to kind of learn that will. And in the voicing associated with Nyra, that’s really the things I was concentrating on: approaching this as strictly as a United States actor might approach this.

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