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A Man Of No Importance
Gramercy Pictures/Universal 1994

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Robbie:  Don’t be dirtyin’ that nice clean bus with your elbows.
Alfie:  It's lovely, Bosie.  I can see meself, like Narcissis.
Robbie:  You’re at it again---- that stuff ya do, big words, poetry.....
What’ll ya give ‘em this mornin’? Hey Alfie - everyone requests ----
do us that one - "the dead are dancin’ with the dead."

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Alfie:  Be in me play, Bosie.
Robbie:  Me name's Robbie and I can't act and I can't fix this yoke!
Alfie:  It could be the rotor.
Robbie:  What?
Alfie:  It could be the rotor.
Robbie:  It’s a deisel, Alfie, it’s not a bleedin’ helicopter!!   ------- Rotor!

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Alfie:  Go on!  I'll stay here and wait for the breakdown bus.
Robbie:  Yeah?  Nah - I can't leave me bus -- our bus.

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Robbie:  Go on - ya can't miss.

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Don't mind them Alfie.  You were bleedin' brilliant!  Ya had 'em all fooled, includin' me!

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Robbie:  I’m here for the play - where’s the actors?
Alfie:  Me own boy
Robbie:  None of that now! I know where you’ve been....I don’t care what your up to.
I like ya - you’re me pal.  And I know who this Bosie was and all!


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