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London opening Aug. 23, 2001

US opening May 11, 2001


London Premiere from Empire Magazine Online Aug. 24, 2001

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Photos from the article
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Rufus and Amy Gardner         Rufus with Paul Bettany         Rufus, Mark Addy, Heath Ledger, Paul Bettany                         


                                                  AKTpremiere.jpg (17353 bytes)
                                      Amy Gardner, Rufus, and Mark Addy
         many thanks to Gill, and also to Faith of James Purefoy's Pursuits for this photo!


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          Mark Addy, Laura Fraser, Heath Ledger, Paul Bettany, Rufus Sewell
           photo from People News   - thanks Marina!


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thanks Lisa 


CountAdhemar4.jpg (10318 bytes)
photo from "A Knight's Tale" press kit

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From the Prague set of  A Knight's Tale

"A Knight's Tale" Reviews

The Toronto Sun
April 29, 2001 Sunday, Final Edition
Rufus Sewell is counting his blessings - and his suit of armour - after he was thrown from his horse during shooting for A Knight's Tale.
The British actor says the accident left him nursing only cuts and bruises, but he admits it was agony at the time.
"It threw me over a hedge into a car park and I landed on some grass," he says.
"When you land in armour, wherever you land, you land on metal and it really, really hurts. It's not just the feel of it -- there's a resounding clunk because you're wearing steel from head to toe."
Although the armour may have saved him from more severe injuries, Sewell thinks it was the reason he was thrown in the first place.
"The horse had never seen armour before and it spooked it. I said, 'Are you sure this horse is all right?' I get up and it suddenly started buckerooing and they all just ran away.
"There I was in this car park and suddenly I went like 10 feet in the air. That was really, really scary."
Thanks Rai.


Sunday Express, April 29, 2001
REASONING that it would probably be some time before he came by another tailor-made suit of armour, Rufus Sewell asked to keep the one he wears in his new film,
A Knight's Tale - a medieval romp in which the actor stars with The Patriot's Heath Ledger. Unfortunately, when you're not Tom Cruise, these things come at a price.
"I asked if it would be possible to buy my armour and keep it, " Rufus tells me.
"Every bit of your body - from your fingers, your ankles, your toes up to your neck - is all fitted and it's made especially for you. I was going to wear it on weekends or something. . .
"I asked how much it would cost and they said, 'Listen, for $ 150,000 it's yours.' So I thought, 'No, you can keep that one. It's back to jeans for weekends.'" Those
jousts in Rufus's back garden will have to be put on hold.
Thanks Rai!

From the "A Knight's Tale" Press Kit
William's foe is the ruthlessly charismatic champion named Count Adhemar (Rufus Sewell) determined to derail Willian's dreams.  Rufus Sewell (Count Adhemar), the noted British actor, marks his 16th motion picture with "A Knight's Tale."  His cinema credits include "Carrington," "Hamlet," "Dark City" and "Martha Meet Frank, Daniel, and Laurence," for which he received a 1998 British Film Critics Circle nomination.  His other movie work includes "Bless The Child," "In A Savage Land," "At Satchem Farm," "Illuminata," "Dangerous Beauty," "The Woodlanders," "Victory," "Cold Comfort Farm," "A Man Of No Importance," "Dirty Weekend," and "Twenty-One." 
Highly regarded in the theatre, Sewell was voted Best Newcomer in 1993 by the London Critics Circle for his performance in "Making It Better."  In 1994 he received an Olivier Award Nomination for "Arcadia" and the following year was honored in New York with the Theatre World Award for Outstanding Broadway Debut in "Translations."  His other theatre credits include "Macbeth," "Rat In The Skull," "As You Like it," "The Seagull," "The Government Inspector," "Pride And Prejudice," "Peter And The Captain," "The Lost Domain," "Comedians" and "Royal Hunt Of The Sun."
He has acted on British television in such shows as "Arabian Nights," "Henry IV," "Citizen Loche," "Dirty Something," "Middlemarch," "Gone To Seed," and "The Last Romantics."

Trailer for "A Knight's Tale" to be shown during the Super Bowl, Sunday January 28
full story from USA Today

Click here for report from the set of A Knight's Tale, from the French magazine, Cine Live.

Thanks to Grace for the article and to Renata for the translation.

Tims_script.jpg (5699 bytes)
from Tim Van Rellim's script on the set of A Knight's Tale


A Knight's Tale from upcomingmovies.com, scheduled release date Summer 2001

A Knight's Tale
 The official Sony site

MOVIELINE     May 2001
15 Summer Movies We (Think We) Want To See

A Knight's Tale
Here is the season's most charming out-there possibility for sleeper sensation.  Set in the decidedly low-tech 14th century and featuring no special effects to speak of, it represents something close to unthinkable for a summer release from a major studio.   Heath Ledger play's a half-starved squire who puts on his dead master's armor and wins a jousting match that his own social rank would have forbidden him to compete in.   Then with genealogy papers forged by an amiable, verbose gambling addict named Geoffrey Chaucer,  he and his pals hit the jousting circuit.  When they do, the medieval throng breaks into a rousing chant of "We will, we will rock you,"   and the famous pulse-pounder of a rock classic comes up on the soundtrack, at which point this jaunty little film is either   going to suffer a meltdown of anachronistic dissonance or risr to the good-time,   can-they-really-get-away-with-this giddiness that makes for breakout, crossover hits.  Ledger is surefooted, loose and charismatic enough to bring this stuff off, and he's got great support in the form of Rufus Sewell as the blackguard, Paul Bettany as Chaucer, and knockout newcomer Shannyn Sossamon as his lady love.

Writer/director Brian Helgeland has done  things as divergent as cowriting LA Confidential and writing/directing Payback, so we're willing to believe he can do this little magic trick too.

A Knight's Tale on US Television
April 12   Access Hollywood 
April 10   E! News Daily

From: Scoop@relay.sonypictures.com

March 23, 2001
We just wanted you to thank you for your support of A
KNIGHT'S TALE, and to let you know that you are not alone.
Rolling Stone magazine also picked A KNIGHT'S TALE as its
cool summer movie.

"Forget Pearl Harbor, Jurassic Park 3, The Mummy Returns and
the other hard-sell blockbusters heading for the
multiplexes.  The real deal is coming in under the radar.  A
Knight's Tale is a fourteenth-century jousting adventure in
which armor is pierced, and heads are cracked, while Queen
roar "We will / We will / Rock you."  OK, it sounds like it
sucks.  But the movie plays like a dream....."

     -- Peter Travers
         Rolling Stone "The Cool Issue"
              April 12, 2001

For the full story, go to:

We want to thank you for being one of the first people to register at A Knight's Tale Web site. To show
our appreciation, we want to invite you to watch the full trailer online before we release it to the rest
of the web. You can get a first look at the art from the movie poster before the poster hits theaters and 
billboards. It's all up right now at http://wwwaknightstale.com
We've got a lot of thrilling features coming in April when we launch the full site. ...
A Knight's Tale is going to be a huge summer movie. We've moved the release date up a couple of weeks
to May 11, so get ready to experience the thrill of the 15th century's most extreme sport.


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