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is one of Britain's most talented, charismatic, and versatile actors.  His  combination of good looks, self-deprecating wit, and courage in taking unexpected roles, makes him unique among his peers  These pages will attempt to pay tribute to his work in theatre, film, and television. 

Obviously, it's a very hard thing doing the voice within an animated film, as opposed to the character in a [live-action] movie. And you have to place an enormous amount of energy within the voice. And I'm an enormous admirer of American stars. American actors who tone of voice animated movies are so outstanding at it because by nature of American talk, it's full of energy and filled with commitment. And as a Rufus Sewell, we have to kind of learn that will. And in the voicing associated with Nyra, that's really the things I was concentrating on: approaching this as strictly as a United States actor might approach this.

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                    BREAKING NEWSSunday, July 25, 2004
British actor Rufus Sewell is joining the cast of Columbia Pictures' The Legend of Zorro.
The Hollywood Reporter

Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are reuniting with director Martin Campbell for The Mask of Zorro sequel. Sewell portrays Armand, Zorro's rival for the affection of Elena (Zeta-Jones).

Sewell's credits include A Knight's Tale and Tristan and Isolde.
more on "The Legend of Zorro"

Tristan & Isolde starring James Franco, Sophia Myles, and Rufus Sewell recently completed filming in Ireland and Prague.
The Hollywood Reporter
more on "Tristan and Isolde"

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    The Times  

                                 The Last King
Charles II - The Power and the Passion

US Premiere:  Sunday, March 21, 2004 at 8 PM EST on A&E Network.  DVD and VHS, region 2, available from February 16, 2004 region 1, available from April 27, 2004

"Rufus Sewell was perfectly cast as the wily king in thrall to, and under the spell of, his tempestuous mistress Lady Castlemaine...."
The Scotsman Evening News - November 17, 2003                                                      
"He (Charles) was multi-faceted. Rufus not only looks like him, but has this great ability in his acting to show charm, humour and generosity of spirit. He can convey the complexity of the character as well as warmth.  He is also very sexy, which is what Charles was."
Adrian Hodges, screenwriter
"We were absolutely thrilled to get him,  Rufus has tremendous presence and natural authority and the camera loves him. He's so charming and  people say that Charles was either the most cynical, ruthless king inhistory or the most charming.  Rufus has the ability to show both sides of the man.   It's a massive part for him but he's doing it with such good humour."

Kate Harwood, producer

"One of the better BBC costume dramas of recent years, 2003's Charles II: The Power and the Passion depends very strongly on its central performance. Fortunately, Rufus Sewell is admirable throughout as the saturnine, witty monarch who has retained popular fondness down the centuries in spite of his conscientious adherence to the bad and losing cause of absolute monarchy. "

more on Charles II

BBC Charles II website with screensavers, trailers and message board
Charles II Gallery 

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                            Helen of Troy 
                               USA Network
Interview from The Times of Malta 

                    more on "Helen of Troy"


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                Rufus reads James Bond! 
                   Details from Penguin Books

                            The Interview 


To many people, Sean Connery - or Roger Moore - is James Bond. So Rufus Sewell, as reader of this 007 series, has an obligation to vanquish these images from listeners' minds and replace them with the picture etched by Fleming of man with a 'cruel mouth' and 'a scar down his right cheek'. He succeeds so well that it's now possible to visualise these stories afresh, to be newly horrified by the smallest act of indiscriminate violence. When Bond has his little finger broken by Tee Hee in Live and Let Die , the sickening crunch vibrates through the tape machine. Sewell also succeeds in reinforcing the cruelty of Fleming's characters, tapping into British sensitivities as Goldfinger casually declares of his cat: 'I'm tired of seeing this animal around. Here, have it for dinner.' The remark to his Korean butler, Oddjob, is both derogatory and designed to shock the animal-loving British people.
The Observer (London) 7 April 2002

                What would your epitaph be? 
        'Please pour wine through funnel below.'
           from the Penguin Books interview

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    "LUTHER" by John Osborne, presented at London's
                 Royal National Theatre, fall 2001

"Rufus Sewell is the ideal actor to play him. Tense and controlled, the big, dark eyes both watchful and inward-
looking, he turns before you into a public solitary...... Sewell does not overplay the physical aspect: he is portraying the burden and the torment of a deeply personal faith that has to pay a physical price as well. As the play goes on, his face looks more and more like Cranach's famous paintings and engravings of Luther: bleak and bony, intense but vulnerable."
The London Sunday Times 14 October 2001

more reviews

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